I never expected to write about Kirsten. I saw her through Spidermanesque senses, namely one of erect nipples and wet t-shirts. It’s what many wanted, but not I.

Then there was the Daily Show incident. Kirsten arrives to promote Marie Antoinette. Kirsten tries to sit in the wrong chair, Kirsten giggles through the whole interview. Kirsten seldom mentions the movie and then only when prompted by Jon. I formed an impression of Kirsten that was one of a likable girl, but one with boobs and no brains.

Famously, this movie of Marie Antoinette was booed at Cannes. It had very limited release anywhere.

A tragedy, because Sofia Coppolla is a uniquely talented director and this film is one of her best. Kirsten is perfectly cast as a selfish airhead.

The costume design and production design is stunning; the use of color in particular.

Handheld camera adds intimacy and documentary. The sound and lighting are superb considering the technical difficuties of shooting on location in big halls that have to be handled with kid gloves. The Busby Berkeley shoe and candy montage in the middle of the movie is powerful, humorous and visually splendid.

Indeed the editing is much stronger in this movie than in her previous ones. The film is edited to the perfect rhythm her previous films didn’t quite reach. Her use of music is fascinating, Rameau ranging with a rococo rendition of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and any movie that plays “Ceremony” by Joy Division gets my vote. It’s a painting of decadence and corruption without ever being preachy and overstated.

Imagine Paris Hilton running a country and having real power over people’s lives. It’s no wonder the French revolted.

All of this adds up to a really good movie. Better yet, you get to see Kirsten’s bare bum, as these pics show.

So, do see this movie if you can find it. It’s really worth it, both movie and bum are delightful.

Kirsten Dunst – A Celebration, Part 1: Bikini and Buttcrack.