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Now another blog out there has opined that Kim is going to rival both the asses of Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez.

We have examined both of these girls’ bottoms already as part of our Quest. If you remember, we love Jessica and we were not impressed with Jennifer.

Who is Kim? And what does she do? You may well ask. It appears that the answer to the first question is “no-one”, and the second is “nothing”.

She’s a friend of Parisite who appears to be famous because she “oh-my-how-did-that-happen” had a leaked sex tape, in which she was leaked on by her boyfriend.

Well, her ass is quite nice admittedly. However, as we’ve mentioned before, depth of personality and talent do play a significant role in someone’s attractiveness.

In which case Kim scores very very lowly indeed. Jessica wins hands down. Jennifer is still way more talented that Kim, although Kim’s ass is probably physically better than Ms Lopez.

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So there you go. Paris is out of view and Britney’s body parts are making up for it. The good news is, at least she’s she’s not singing.

Seems that with her body in this position the cellulite is stretched taught giving her ass a smoother appearance than it has in reality. Or it could just be the resolution of the video, and if you were close enough to see her ass in this position you’d still see the marks.

Either way, as we have mentioned before, it is still one of the World’s more unattractive asses.

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Like these bottoms? I know I do. No, they’re not celebrities, at least not yet anyway. I’m sure you ‘d like to see more, and you’ll get your wish…

I thought I’d create a new blog dedicated to non-celebrity bottoms. Hence:

Enjoy the new site, and do check back regularly to see an hot candid voyeur ass pic each day! (I’ll get around to adding some video too at some point).

And here was I, thinking that Keeley Hazell was a stupid name…

Admittedly, her real name is Jennifer Toof. (was it something to do with hot pockets???) . You may – though probably may not – remember her from VH1’s “Flavor of Love”. She did this head scissors thing that was moderately interesting.

She’s the latest, in what is now a fairly long line, of Z list “celebrities” to release a sex tape. The still below in the black panties is from the tape. As you can see it also follows the noble, tested, sex tape tradition of being shot by someone who has never before used a camera in their life. More youTube than dePalma.

(Thinking of releasing a sex tape? Here’s a tip – light is your friend, welcome it… lots of it.)

So will I be anxious to see it? Not so much.

Firstly, with Olivia’s tape we were promised that it was really dirty and nasty – hopefully it is. We’ve been given no such assurances with Toastee.

Secondly, Olivia is cute and possesses a tasty little tushie. Toastee’s Tushie, is more mushy and her face is not so pretty.

Still, judge for yourself.

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These are from a TV commercial broadcast around 15 years ago. Seems Ali developed a big following then too, though people didn’t know who she was on those days.

So it looks to me that Ali is in fact very near naked, if not actually naked (perhaps a thong?) in this ad. That censor bar doesn’t quite cover her pretty thighs.

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I have very little to say about this, I really don’t have the words. It’s not a perfect bottom. But it does do tricks…

I’ve shown you video of her before, but I thought it was time to give you some still pictures and another video to enjoy her magnificent French bottom in sharper clarity.

A true Corsican pop sensation with great moves and dressed to thrill. I’m always a fan of little black shorts.

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I’ve made some updates to some of my previous posts on Jennifer. I’ve added some great screen caps from The Break Up and Along Came Polly. You can see that cute tushy spanked in those lovely soft red shorts.

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Just in case my last post didn’t make the point. See! See how good it looks on TV?

Seriously, forget basketball…