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Like these bottoms? I know I do. No, they’re not celebrities, at least not yet anyway. I’m sure you ‘d like to see more, and you’ll get your wish…

I thought I’d create a new blog dedicated to non-celebrity bottoms. Hence:

Enjoy the new site, and do check back regularly to see an hot candid voyeur ass pic each day! (I’ll get around to adding some video too at some point).

This post is s a little offtopic. I decided to expand and experiment with image searches in order, of course, to find the hotter ass pictures out there.

Just like most everyone else I was only using Google most of the time. Including using Google to search Flickr – well, since using Yahoo for pretty much anything is a waste of time and effort in my experience, and categorizing images by meta tags is soooo 1996. How Yahoo survived the dotcom bust I shall never understand.

Remember the days when search engines used the meta tags in the HTML header to index pages? Yep, those were the days that you could type in any, absolutely any, search parameter and get pages of search results of Hot XXX teen busty nymphos, or something to do with Star Trek. I don’t think that the the Star Trek fans keyword spammed the meta tags so much as there just were a hell of a lot of Star trek pages out there at the beginning of the Web.

Anyway, meta tags, be they the darling of Web 2.0 or not, have long since been proven to be worthless as a search method. Hence using Google to search Flickr – which actually works much better by the way.

I digress, my point was that I tried the Microsoft Live Image Search. I definitely won’t do that again though. Have you tried it? It looks like it’s some kind of Ajax or MS propriety version of same. The images “float” in some sort of sluggish treacle. It has all the joy, speed, ease, and intuitiveness of Adobe Acrobat. You click on a pic and you get sent to some other Microsoft page – which in my experience showed a totally different picture from the original thumbnail. How you get to the actual webpage I shall never know.

So I’m thoroughly done with Live Search. Perhaps it works better in IE, but that is something I shall also never know.