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She’s 31 today.

A finer use of the Ken Burns Effect I have seldom seen.  Quite of lot of work went into this compilation of stills, and it is very professionally edited. Which means all the more posterior beauty for the rest of us!

I never expected to write about Kirsten. I saw her through Spidermanesque senses, namely one of erect nipples and wet t-shirts. It’s what many wanted, but not I.

Then there was the Daily Show incident. Kirsten arrives to promote Marie Antoinette. Kirsten tries to sit in the wrong chair, Kirsten giggles through the whole interview. Kirsten seldom mentions the movie and then only when prompted by Jon. I formed an impression of Kirsten that was one of a likable girl, but one with boobs and no brains.

Famously, this movie of Marie Antoinette was booed at Cannes. It had very limited release anywhere.

A tragedy, because Sofia Coppolla is a uniquely talented director and this film is one of her best. Kirsten is perfectly cast as a selfish airhead.

The costume design and production design is stunning; the use of color in particular.

Handheld camera adds intimacy and documentary. The sound and lighting are superb considering the technical difficuties of shooting on location in big halls that have to be handled with kid gloves. The Busby Berkeley shoe and candy montage in the middle of the movie is powerful, humorous and visually splendid.

Indeed the editing is much stronger in this movie than in her previous ones. The film is edited to the perfect rhythm her previous films didn’t quite reach. Her use of music is fascinating, Rameau ranging with a rococo rendition of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and any movie that plays “Ceremony” by Joy Division gets my vote. It’s a painting of decadence and corruption without ever being preachy and overstated.

Imagine Paris Hilton running a country and having real power over people’s lives. It’s no wonder the French revolted.

All of this adds up to a really good movie. Better yet, you get to see Kirsten’s bare bum, as these pics show.

So, do see this movie if you can find it. It’s really worth it, both movie and bum are delightful.

Kirsten Dunst – A Celebration, Part 1: Bikini and Buttcrack.

I’ve never consciously heard her music. It’s likely not to my tastes anyway. So I can’t comment on her vocal talents or songwriting ability. Anyway, no here cares about that either…

What is certain to my mind is that she has a much nicer bottom than her once arch rival Britney Shears. Looks like there’s even a possibility that she’s slightly more sane too.

Christina isn’t too shy to let us admire her bottom, so let’s take a moment to do that now.

Yes, it is another sex blog. However, it’s not just another sex blog. This one is written by woman. Well written, to be precise.

Ok, so this post is slightly off topic, but indulge me, because I think it’s worth it.

This lady was kind enough to make a post about The Quest on her blog. It caught my eye and I started reading. Please do so yourselves, it’s delightful. It is a poetic exploration of sexuality from a woman’s point of view, which is not to say it isn’t occasionally raunchy and exciting, it certainly is that.

She is open, honest and seems self knowing, or if not yet fully self knowing, keen to explore herself to achieve self knowledge. Her blog is in many ways a celebration of her mind and body. While I have had the pleasure of knowing some women who are as open as she is, it is rare to see it expressed in words so publicly and so well. We need more of this.

I think many of us as men are sometimes made to feel guilty about porn or our enjoyment of the beautiful physical attributes of a woman, by a vocal minority of women who are not as open and confident about their own urges, mind or body as they could be.

Personally I feel that this guilt trip is unfair. It is not right to blame men (and many women) for their enjoyment of such things. As I hope I have tried to show with my own blog (ok, sometimes a little tackily I admit) that my appreciation of the female bottom is very much, truthfully, in the same way that I might appreciate a work by Canova, or Sibelius, or perhaps a beautiful flower.

Of course the further joy of a bottom is that you can also have more fun interacting with it that you can with a Canova. I, for one, enjoy all the possible interactions with a female bottom whenever I can, for her pleasure as well as mine. Seriously, kids don’t try those things with a Canova, it’ll hurt and you’ll get arrested.

I adore women, I respect them greatly. I truly do. (um, though maybe not Celebutards so much…) My blog is intended to be a celebration of one aspect of them, which is not to say I don’t enjoy other aspects of them too.

This lady’s blog gives me hope. So, if your girlfriend or wife or colleague or whatever woman is making you feel guilty about reading my blog, or other form of adult entertainment. Please ask them to read “Another Sex Blog”. Show them what they are missing.

Back on topic, she states that she tends to attract guys who like booty. Unfortunately, although there are a few very nice pictures of her on her blog, there aren’t any of her botty. My guess is that, 1. those booty guys are attracted for a good reason, and 2. judging by her picture from the front, there is something special back there.

Not sure if we can persuade her to allow us to appreciate it more fully, but we can only ask.

I’ve said this before. Why is Beach Volleyball not on TV every day?

Most sports fans are men. For all the skill and excitement involved in Baseball, Football, Hockey etc, their stars really don’t offer as much as the ladies portrayed below.

It has to be the Volleyball management. There surely is an audience for this game, assuming the correct (closeup) camerawork is being utilized, and sponsorship logos are correctly positioned.

Seriously…, golf, or hot girls in bikinis?

I’ve made my choice.

Which reminds me…. I must go to Brazil sometime…

Haven’t seen the movie yet. Other than Raising Arizona I’ve not enjoyed much Nicholas Cage has ever done.

However, I’d never heard of Eva before, but I think you’ll agree, after checking out these pics, the movie is definitely worth a look. The ghostly panties certainly help.

Watching the movie “A Life Less Ordinary” the other day. It’s about 20 mins too long, and contains Ewan McGregor, but it could have been worse. The high point being that Miss Diaz is perfectly framed in a swimsuit and little black panties at points in the movie.

It surprised me to find something enjoyable in a movie that’s been made by Andrew MacDonald and Danny Boyle. Collectively they are responsible for some of the most superficial, shallow, pointless, smartass movies ever made. They also share the honor of producing in my opinion the singular worst movie ever made*, namely – 28 Days Later. Why on earth anyone would wish to make a sequel to that worthless piece of crap is beyond me.

(*I haven’t seen, and won’t be seeing, “Sunshine” by all accounts that may be even worse than 28 Days.)

Anyway, back to the enjoyable subject at hand. Cameron’s ass is most certainly not ordinary – I wish it were, then we’d have so many to compare it with. Her bum is delightful in its compactness. A juicy little peach. Here’s some examples to prove my point.