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Much has been written in the US press recently about the UK FHM decision to list Hayden as one of the hottest babes of the year. To my European mind, and I’m sure the minds of most non-American readers, her placement in that pantheon is just and understandable.

It came as a surprise to me that Americans are having a hard time with this, because in the US the age of majority is 18. Hayden turns 18 later this year.

Actually, it’s a double standard of course. Many people do recognise that she hot, they are just not permitted to say so publicly without being (wrongly) branded as some kind of dangerous pervert. They had exactly the same agony over Anna Kournikova.

As far as I know, the US is the only country with such preposterous laws – well, other than extremist religious dictatorships.

Americans, you’re from a great country. You’d be from a greater country if you controlled your lawyers, your politicians, and your religious right wing.

You need to see beauty and freedom for what it is, and embrace it.

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Ali Larter or Hayden Panettiere would be enough by themselves. However, there are some bottoms on “Heroes” that I have not properly explored and appreciated.

Let’s start with Nora Zehetner, who plays Eden with such skilled malevolence. Although we’ve not seen much of her in Heroes, enjoy these screencaps from the movie “Conversations with Other Women”. I’ll work on getting some better quality grabs. Obviously I’d like to see her bottom in more detail.

I think this certainly shows is that she does have a trim little peach back there. Very nice of her to show it to us.

Enjoy a great deal of Ali Larter’s beautiful booty HERE

And Hayden Panettiere in panties HERE

These are from a TV commercial broadcast around 15 years ago. Seems Ali developed a big following then too, though people didn’t know who she was on those days.

So it looks to me that Ali is in fact very near naked, if not actually naked (perhaps a thong?) in this ad. That censor bar doesn’t quite cover her pretty thighs.

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Relax, it returns tomorrow. It won’t be long before we can feast our eyes on Ali and Hayden. In the meantime here’s some rare (and hot) pics of Ali.

Wonderful those these girls are, and excellent though the rest of the cast are, I’m sure we could use another hot superbabe – something to think about for season 2? I for one, would be delighted to have a Heroes babe win Rear of the Year two years running.

Enjoy these older pics of Ali in the pink swimsuit, well worth taking a close look at the crotch, something curious going on there.


Hayden Panettiere in panties is HERE

So both have been regarded by some as having the Perfect Ass, or maybe Perfect Culo. Vida, by FHM, and Keyra by Howard Stern among others.

Personally. I don’t care much for Vida – not sure I would even vote it a nice ass, never mind perfect. Keyra, it’s hard to tell. In some pics I’d say it was great, in some others not so much.

Overall Keyra for me is the better of the two, but both fall short of perfect. Wouldn’t even make Rear of the Week for me.



I found another couple of pics of Miss Lilly. She’s one of the most popular requests here on The Quest.

I do very much admire her perpetually bikini clad bottom myself too of course. Will she make “Rear of the Year”, too early to say folks…

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She’s 31 today.

There was really one one possible choice. Although there were very strong contenders, Ali wins hands down. Or Pants down to be more precise.

Her bottom is as close to perfection as we have seen this year. A special thank you to both her and the directors and producers of the show “Heroes” for letting us see so much of it. I hope you continue to explore her naughty and nice sides by showing us much more in 2007. It’s a great show for many reasons, not just this one.

So that’s it for 2006. The Quest continues in 2007. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect bottom than Ali’s, however we are going to keep searching until we find the ultimate and most perfect specimen there could ever be.

In the meantime enjoy a little more of Ali in little more than panties from the first episode of “Heroes”

Ali 1
Ali 2
Ali 3
Ali 4
Ali 5
Ali 6

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Since Heroes has it’s midseason finale tonight I thought I’d preempt everyone’s withdrawal symptoms from Miss Larter by adding a few more pics.

Last weeks episode was really good, filled in a lot of the back story. I assume that tonight’s episode will be a cliff hanger. We’ll have to wait until January for more Niki – both of her. I would think that Ali really enjoys playing that character since she gets to play two people in the same show. She does a great job.

More Ali HERE and HERE

Hayden Panettiere in panties is HERE

If you haven’t yet seen this show… you should. Apart from the fact that it’s a great show with an interesting story that’s developing nicely, there’s also Ali Larter. If you are in any doubt about her credentials as a candidate for the perfect bottom, try this Youtube clip from the Heroes show.

I hope that this show continues to keep up their good work, and my thanks to Ms Larter for such fine posterior art.