It’s a good year for Blockbuster movies. Or should that be Buttbuster? I’ve covered Kristen Dunst, now it’s Cameron’s turn. (Yes, Keira is next.)

Sadly, she’s appearing in voice only in Shrek 3. She does have a sexy voice though.

I love the Shrek movies. The second movie was even better than the first. Well… unless you had the misfortune to see it in German, as I did the first time – there’s some V.O. people and translators that should have been fired immediately, and never permitted to work again. It wasn’t funny at all. Germans, you need to see the original version.

Oh, and you need to stop dubbing movies – it destroys them.

Anyway, I’m hoping that the 3rd Shrek will appropriately be as funny again as the second.

In lieu of Cameron not being visible in this third movie, please take a moment to enjoy these pictures. This woman has one of the finest bodies in Hollywood and an ass that is firmly in my top ten of all time.

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