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Not sure why her name is back to front. Surely, Hazel Keeley is more normal.

You may not have heard of her. I hadn’t until recently. She’s a British topless model obviously famous for her preposterously huge breasts. She’s one of these girls that you often see on such things as the Maxim or the FHM top 100 sexiest women.

In fact she’s one you can vote for on the FHM sexiest poll right now.

The problem I always have with these, is that generally I’ve never heard of the girls. For, me to find someone attractive I need to see some element of talent – be they famous or not.

As far as I can see Keeley is little more than her bra size. So, no, I don’t find her attractive. Wikipedia states that she’s some kind of environmental campaigner. Which says more about Wikipedia than anything else. No doubt her breast size has tripled in the past six months. Good God, Wikipedia is such a worthless piece of shit that has, disturbingly, weaseled its way to the top page rank in Google for almost everything. This is a very bad thing for everyone not named Jimbo Wales.

Back to the point… Keeley has a nice bottom though, so I thought I share it with you. There’s also a slide show of her HERE.

More like this available here

No, these aren’t the pictures The Mirror had to apologize about. But I would think these are of more interest to those of us on The Quest.

It is a rare opportunity to have such a fine view a potential future Queen of the United Kingdom.

Filming was suspended in Queensland for Kate Hudson’s latest movie “Fool’s Gold” when a killer jellyfish appeared on the set.

Certainly wouldn’t want to see sting marks on such a nice bottom.

Never entirely understood why people want to live in Australia, seems pretty deadly to me.

Just in case my last post didn’t make the point. See! See how good it looks on TV?

Seriously, forget basketball…

Hard to believe, but fans of two Greek female volleyball teams clashed last night leaving one person dead. The pitched battle took place between fans of Olympiakos Piraeus and Panathinaikos.

It’s shocking that this behavior would bring the elegant Sport of Queens (or, in my dreams, of Queening), into disrepute.

I’m disgusted. This kind of thing hurts my campaign to have Ladies Volleyball become the most popular and televised sport on Earth.

Anyway, I don’t have any pictures of the actual brawl. Nor do I want to see any. But I though you might, you know, possibly… be interested in some hot sweaty athletic girls in tight shorts playing volleyball.

See… how good would a 24 hour girls volleyball channel be? TV executives, please make it happen!

Ok, I promised some pics of Tricia a few posts back and here they are. She has a marvellous posterior as these pictures show. Not sure I don’t prefer Grace Park’s though. I’d like to see Tricia in film or on TV outside of the role she has on Battlestar Galactica. Perhaps mainly because I don’t enjoy that show, but also to see what her range as an actress is. She is good at the psychopathic dominatrix but can she do comedy I wonder?

Grace Park is HERE

Lucy Lawless and Luciana Carro are HERE

Some primitive peoples believe that having your picture taken steals part of your soul. Could this be true? I offer Lindsay and her friends as evidence that it might just be…

To be honest, I don’t actually have too much of a problem with Lindsay. If reports are true she needs to grow up, but she is actually able to act. (Paris on the other hand, has nothing to offer anyone).

I enjoyed Mean Girls as a movie, and also Prairie Home Companion. Neither were particularly taxing roles for her, but she did well nonetheless.

I confess I am also rather fond of her bottom. I’m always a sucker for good buttcrack, and Lindsay is kind enough to offer it frequently.

I think maybe she just needs a good spanking. I’d be happy to help her with that, and I’m much cheaper than rehab.

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I do like her bum. I do not like her “acting”. The stills below are from the movie “Copying Beethoven”. I hope you’ve not seen this movie.

I had high expectations of it. Bearing the excellent movie “Amadeus” in mind, director Agnieszka Holland studied with Milos Forman in Prague. I expected a masterpiece, especially as much as I dislike Mozart, I do love Beethoven.

However, Copying Beethoven is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Diane, of course, is as awful as usual. Ed Harris provides a great performance of a man who is as far unlike Beethoven from anything I’ve ever read about him (which is a great deal) – or as can be inferred from his music. Problem is… he’s supposed to be the composer and that’s not what was delivered – not his fault I think. The blame for that goes firmly to the writer and Ms Holland. The rest of the cast would be better left on the cutting room floor – they were simply cartoon characters.

The plot is preposterous, and is wholly untruthful in a wholly unbelievable way. It is extremely disrespectful to one of the greatest composers who ever lived. To make matters worse, the Orchestra performing the music is out of sync with the the score.

The one saving grace is captured below, a tiny brief flash of Diane’s bum.

Copying Beethoven is a nightmare, and a complete waste of good celluloid.

Please, avoid this movie at all costs.

Diane is completely naked HERE

In honor of the finale of Dirt yesterday, I thought I’d share this pic of Shannyn. She did return in that episode after all.

Still nothing for Alexandra Breckenridge, I’m very sorry to say. No juicy shots of Jennifer Aniston either sadly…

However, I would like to another brief moment off-topic to extol the show as a whole, and the editing and direction in particular. Matthew Carnahan, in the unlikely event that you are reading this, I’d like to give you a tip of my hat and a round of applause for your direction of the final knife fight. That was new to me, and it was very very very good. The cuts to black had me on the edge of my seat. Powerful stuff, and a great way to end a season.

Some of the best innovators in the whole entertainment industry work in US TV. Pretty much everyone on Dirt seemed to be the cream of the crop.

There better be a season 2. (If there is can I please please pretty please have some nice reverse close-ups of Alexandra? It’s a small thing to ask, I think)