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Yay, we’ve won!

We’re Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2006. I guess folks at Time appreciate a perfectly formed posterior as much as the rest of us.

Though… I think that isn’t what they intended…

You see the Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006 is “You”. Or “Us” from our point of view, or you from yours. Confused yet?

They were honoring the likes of Bloggers, YouTube filmmakers (except those pirating Warner Bros TV shows and movies likely), and those poor souls that braved permanent damage by Yahoo in managing get pics listed on Flickr.

Death by Yahoo… Yahooed… Verb it, and it has a whole different connotation to Googled…

Still, although folks at Time haven’t necessarily honored this blog in particular, I do like to think of them as fans. They (as their Warner Bros distribution co) did bring Terminator 3 to the World. This movie being one example of assartistry.

Sometimes I seriously wonder about the new Firefox spell checking ability. From which century did they pull the dictionary? It recognizes very few words from the past 10 years. The thing that brought this up though was that it doesn’t recognize “Yahoo”.

Odd, because it is not only the name of a company that sort-of-one-time-did-some-sort-of -indexing-searchy-thing-but-now does-godknowswhat…



A Yahoo is also a word coined by Swift in the early 18th Century. A more apt name for the company that bears it doesn’t exist. I have said that before, but it needs repetition.

So it seems that Firefox must be using a dictionary from a time prior to about 1720…


I promised I would get back to him. He wasn’t a random choice of artist. Having seen the second version of his Three Graces in Edinburgh, in my opinion it is the finest depiction of a bottom ever carved into marble.

Three Graces 1st version


Three Graces 2nd version

I can only begin to imagine how much he enjoyed working with the models for these works. Possibly, one of those girls might quality for the Perfect Bottom of all time. But the quest for the perfect contemporary bottom continues…


Firstly this is a paroxsysmal diary, I refuse to use the word blog, I find it, firstly to be an ugly word, and secondly after working for a long time in a corporate environment I am allergic to buzzwords.

The purpose of this diary then is to document my search for the perfect female bottom. An Arthurian quest, though perhaps, perhaps, less noble – that being a merely matter of opinion. In my view is seems valid to consider a person, or part of a person in this case, to have as much an aesthetic quality as that of traditional forms of art such as those by Canova. I will come back to Canova at some point.

So since I do view an aesthetic quest to have a noble and spiritual quality, then in this way I do also consider my quest for the perfect bottom.

In that vein I shall not be providing you with pornography or explicit pictures. You may find some good examples however at

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