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Silly question huh? Anna is so hot it hurts.

Although no longer a regular sight on the Tennis circuit there’s no reason she can’t be seen often here. Especially with pics like these to enjoy.

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Another celeb behind bars. This time, however, the celeb is really hot. Playboy centerfold and the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy was arrested for assaulting the ex-wife of her current boyfriend.

I think we can all see why he’d leave his wife for Kristy. Unless we were married to someone short of Jennifer Biel, we’d do the same in an heartbeat.

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The picture above shows Nicole in comparison to a more usual or typical Australian posterior. It’s hard to believe that she’s 39 years of age and still in possession of such a truly perfect bum.

Now wonder she’s happy to display it in it’s full naked glory.

The scenes below are from “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus”. This movie is a work of genius. Steven Shainberg is proving to be one of the most interesting and unique directors of his time.

You see, there’s this snobbery on both sides of the Atlantic that says that European movies are somehow better than American ones. The reason most often proffered being that European movies are writing and acting based whereas Hollywood is just gloss and CGI.

I don’t buy that for one single second. I think most European movies would make great stage plays but truly suck as movies. (Bertolluci and Fellini excepted, they are geniuses of cinema.)

Often, the director has no understanding of how light works, or how cameras work, or move, or what the film medium can do. In fact most Hollywood action flicks are better movies just for that very reason.

However, independent American directors do seem – as a rule – to understand the nature of cinema and utilize it to the max, even though they are rooted in the writing and acting much more than Hollywood.

Fur is one such example. This can only work as a movie. It is a visual splendor. It is a sight poem, an allegory and a profound expression of imagination that is more real than reality.

The choice of complementary colors, the azure and titian, even by themselves create the mood of what is a very brilliant movie.

Please do spoil yourself and see it, even if it is just to enjoy Nicole’s lovely bottom one more time.

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Two pieces of good news recently. Supernatural has been picked up for a third season, and Friday Night Lights will get a second. You can see Adrianne in both.

In Supernatural she was Sam’s short lived girlfriend. In Friday Night Lights she’s Tyra. Supernatural isn’t pushing the boundaries of creativity, but it’s a very enjoyable show. FNL is, however, pushing those boundaries. Fantastic camerawork, superb acting – great show.

Adrianne is one of the hottest blondes I’ve ever seen I think. Fortunately she seems to have landed a lot of beach / surfing roles before these two shows. This gives us an opportunity to see her hot body.

Hopefully we see much more of her.

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Hammer Horror is back. For those of you who don’t know, this is a British company that produced cheap camp horror movies throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Without this company Christopher Lee wouldn’t be famous.

Their movies were, in many ways, bad. Which is not to say that they were unwatchable. Think Shaw Brothers, think Tarantino.

What they did have, as you can see illustrated here, was a great deal of vulnerable young victims gratuitously naked. There was often a hint of lesbianism too.

The company died in the late 70s. However, it has now risen from the dead. The possible bad news is that is has been bought by Dutch “Big Brother” creator John de Mol.

This may mean überchav Jade Goody has the potential to be hired as a flesh eating creature of the night – presumably white meat only though. No make-up necessary.

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Of all the Buffy stars, it’s hardest to find good bottom pictures of Alyson. This being the only reason why she wasn’t listed here before.

I’m glad she’s doing well in her sitcom “How I met your Mother”, although it’s not a show I can stand to watch. I was astonished to see it make a second season. It’s off-the-shelf and not in the least funny to me.

Personally I think she has way more talent than that show exploits. She has been wasted in pretty much everything since Buffy really – although obviously enjoying more success than in those days.

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Words here seem superficial. Well, other than, the re-ascendancy of Burlesque is no bad thing. Enjoy these Playboy shots of first class fetish fannies.

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I mentioned her yesterday in passing. I went away feeling guilty that I hadn’t at least acknowledged her considerable contribution to feminine beauty before now.

So here it is. Still far far far too few pics of her from behind. I have though, you’ll be pleased to note I hope, not included any of the rather scary number of fan pics of her on the Internet. There’s a lot of folks out there with elf sex issues and fetishes.

She’s an odd choice for an elf really. Traditionally one imagines elves to be tall, fair and with gazelle-like slenderness – Nordic essentially. Liv isn’t. She’s more of the Earth goddess type if anything – dark, sensual curvy and voluptuous. She has more of a bouncy British bum than a svelte Scandinavian seat.

Which isn’t to say that she was miscast or somehow failed to convey ethereal magic on screen. She is quite an enchantress in whichever form she takes.

Some of you may have noted that there are a few omissions in my Quest. There are some famous bottoms that should be recorded and examined here, and others that one would expect me to at least consider.

Naturally, time is one of the most obvious reason for many of these omissions. I will get around to your favorite booty eventually.

There is, however, another reason.

There are some women out there whom I adore. Whose bottoms should be enshrined in glory. Whose noble thighs inspired this Quest from the outset. If…

If… if I could only find pictures of their bums.

Sadly, it’s quite a long list. Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin, Gina Torres, Liv Tyler, Natalie Dormer, Alexandra Breckenridge, and more.

Which brings me to Kate. She was, and still pretty much is, on that list. At the top of it in fact. She’s easily in my top 5 list of most gorgeous women of all time. Possibly this is because she reminds me of the crushes I had on the St Trinians-esque gymslipped girls that were a few years above me in school.

Kate is a very beautiful woman and a talented actress that has spent a great deal of her career completely and utterly naked. She seems to be proud of her body, and she has every right to be. We’ve seen her breasts numerous times, her peeing in “Holy Smoke”, and full frontal close-up pubic hair nudity in “Jude”.

But, no bare butt. I have here the best shots I can find of it. Some of them are very old and rare.

These shots above are from some UK TV show in the early 1990’s. Today Kate has a wonderful cuddly curvy voluptuousness, back then she was even more cuddly.

Below are some shots of Kate’s feature debut in Heavenly Creatures (note, also starring Melanie Lynskey who has matured beautifully, and can be seen starring in “Drive“)

I’m still angry about the cancellation of “Firefly”. Just thought I’d get that in.

Thus it pleases me greatly to see, at the very least, Nathan Fillion and Tim Minear reunited. Nathan is one of the world’s most underappreciated actors.

The original premise of Drive didn’t excite me too much. Illegal road race – seemed a little alpha male macho and low IQ fodder. Mind you, I felt the same about the original premise of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, cute cheerleader kills vampire week after week. Of course with Buffy the premise was turned on it’s head, and the superficial plot largely irrelevant. It’s still one of the best shows every made.

So too, it seems with Drive. First episode was a little slower than I’d hoped for, but the second delivered perfectly. The addition of Amy Acker was a very pleasant surprise. She’s my third favorite Buffyverse actor after Emma Caulfield and Charisma Carpenter – but there’s not much in it.

The characters in Drive clearly have secrets. There’s obviously a lot more going on than we know about so far. Hopefully (Fox willing) we’ll actually get to see the story develop. As with Firefly, being one of the best shows on TV isn’t enough for the more braindead executives at Fox.

Aside from the fabulous acting (superb cast across the board) and intriguing writing, they are balancing the action and drama very well. Very good cinematography and directing, excellent pace and rhythm and I love the scene change satellite zoom in – it’s very unnerving.

Of course it’s not just creative talent. With any show related to the Buffyverse I’m hoping for hot actresses. I am not in any way disappointed with the casting here. These girls are hot, and here’s why…

Mircea Monroe

Taryn Manning

Kristin Lehman

And a little Amy Acker bonus

Now, if only Morena and Jewel aren’t busy, maybe they could just you know, pop in for a few shots – reverse angle is fine…