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Like this picture? We do.

In fact, one of our little joys in life is to come across such things accidentally. The joys of modern fashion, and Celebutard culture, mean that such beautiful views are common place in many cities and towns across the World. For this we may be thankful.

However, the town of Delcambre, Louisiana is set to change all this by policing everyone’s underwear. If you wear saggy pants there look forward to a $500 fine or six months in jail.

“If you expose your private parts, you’ll get a fine” said Mayor Carol Broussard. (Who incidentally, is a male, despite having a girl’s name — cross dresser maybe?)

Seemingly this has been considered by some to be mostly racially motivated — as hip hop culture (rightly) endorses this fashion.

Either way, Land of the Free? Not so much… Presumably the towns prosecutors have a legal definition of “underwear”, “pants” and “saggy” at hand. Is see-thru ok? Is VPL ok? How about a bikini? Or maybe they’re just gonna give a good old fashioned lynching to anyone they don’t like the look of.

The people of this town are clearly wrong on so many levels. Much as we at the Quest might look at this lightheartedly because we love ass, there is a very serious point here. This behavior can easily be construed as fascist, it is certainly a removal of an American’s rights as an individual. It is the slippery slope to many other rights restrictions on a path to pure unadulterated evil.

Boycott them, do not do business with them, and express your freedoms publicly wherever you can.

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Like these bottoms? I know I do. No, they’re not celebrities, at least not yet anyway. I’m sure you ‘d like to see more, and you’ll get your wish…

I thought I’d create a new blog dedicated to non-celebrity bottoms. Hence:

Enjoy the new site, and do check back regularly to see an hot candid voyeur ass pic each day! (I’ll get around to adding some video too at some point).

Much has been written in the US press recently about the UK FHM decision to list Hayden as one of the hottest babes of the year. To my European mind, and I’m sure the minds of most non-American readers, her placement in that pantheon is just and understandable.

It came as a surprise to me that Americans are having a hard time with this, because in the US the age of majority is 18. Hayden turns 18 later this year.

Actually, it’s a double standard of course. Many people do recognise that she hot, they are just not permitted to say so publicly without being (wrongly) branded as some kind of dangerous pervert. They had exactly the same agony over Anna Kournikova.

As far as I know, the US is the only country with such preposterous laws – well, other than extremist religious dictatorships.

Americans, you’re from a great country. You’d be from a greater country if you controlled your lawyers, your politicians, and your religious right wing.

You need to see beauty and freedom for what it is, and embrace it.

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Does Twister have any other purpose than tease and foreplay? I’m not complaining. It’s a wonderful tool for discovering the Assettes of hot girls. Nice camerawork here.

Yes, it is another sex blog. However, it’s not just another sex blog. This one is written by woman. Well written, to be precise.

Ok, so this post is slightly off topic, but indulge me, because I think it’s worth it.

This lady was kind enough to make a post about The Quest on her blog. It caught my eye and I started reading. Please do so yourselves, it’s delightful. It is a poetic exploration of sexuality from a woman’s point of view, which is not to say it isn’t occasionally raunchy and exciting, it certainly is that.

She is open, honest and seems self knowing, or if not yet fully self knowing, keen to explore herself to achieve self knowledge. Her blog is in many ways a celebration of her mind and body. While I have had the pleasure of knowing some women who are as open as she is, it is rare to see it expressed in words so publicly and so well. We need more of this.

I think many of us as men are sometimes made to feel guilty about porn or our enjoyment of the beautiful physical attributes of a woman, by a vocal minority of women who are not as open and confident about their own urges, mind or body as they could be.

Personally I feel that this guilt trip is unfair. It is not right to blame men (and many women) for their enjoyment of such things. As I hope I have tried to show with my own blog (ok, sometimes a little tackily I admit) that my appreciation of the female bottom is very much, truthfully, in the same way that I might appreciate a work by Canova, or Sibelius, or perhaps a beautiful flower.

Of course the further joy of a bottom is that you can also have more fun interacting with it that you can with a Canova. I, for one, enjoy all the possible interactions with a female bottom whenever I can, for her pleasure as well as mine. Seriously, kids don’t try those things with a Canova, it’ll hurt and you’ll get arrested.

I adore women, I respect them greatly. I truly do. (um, though maybe not Celebutards so much…) My blog is intended to be a celebration of one aspect of them, which is not to say I don’t enjoy other aspects of them too.

This lady’s blog gives me hope. So, if your girlfriend or wife or colleague or whatever woman is making you feel guilty about reading my blog, or other form of adult entertainment. Please ask them to read “Another Sex Blog”. Show them what they are missing.

Back on topic, she states that she tends to attract guys who like booty. Unfortunately, although there are a few very nice pictures of her on her blog, there aren’t any of her botty. My guess is that, 1. those booty guys are attracted for a good reason, and 2. judging by her picture from the front, there is something special back there.

Not sure if we can persuade her to allow us to appreciate it more fully, but we can only ask.

She’s available again. Recently split from her Strokes drummer boyfriend seemingly. Not that such mortals as we will stand a chance. She has the dirty tattooed rock chick thing that I love. I do so admire and respect a woman who is strong and confident enough to enjoy her sexuality, or use it occasionally as a weapon. Feminists be damned, you are only young and beautiful once, so you may as well use it while you can. Beautiful women owe it to the World. Well, seems that way to me…

Anyway, the video contains some of the lovely playboy images we all love – um, if it posts… YouTube seems to be having one of it’s regular dysfunctional days. I really thought Google’s power behind that might have made it actually run better. Seems not, it’s sucking sideways today.

Just in case here’s some pics…

This post is s a little offtopic. I decided to expand and experiment with image searches in order, of course, to find the hotter ass pictures out there.

Just like most everyone else I was only using Google most of the time. Including using Google to search Flickr – well, since using Yahoo for pretty much anything is a waste of time and effort in my experience, and categorizing images by meta tags is soooo 1996. How Yahoo survived the dotcom bust I shall never understand.

Remember the days when search engines used the meta tags in the HTML header to index pages? Yep, those were the days that you could type in any, absolutely any, search parameter and get pages of search results of Hot XXX teen busty nymphos, or something to do with Star Trek. I don’t think that the the Star Trek fans keyword spammed the meta tags so much as there just were a hell of a lot of Star trek pages out there at the beginning of the Web.

Anyway, meta tags, be they the darling of Web 2.0 or not, have long since been proven to be worthless as a search method. Hence using Google to search Flickr – which actually works much better by the way.

I digress, my point was that I tried the Microsoft Live Image Search. I definitely won’t do that again though. Have you tried it? It looks like it’s some kind of Ajax or MS propriety version of same. The images “float” in some sort of sluggish treacle. It has all the joy, speed, ease, and intuitiveness of Adobe Acrobat. You click on a pic and you get sent to some other Microsoft page – which in my experience showed a totally different picture from the original thumbnail. How you get to the actual webpage I shall never know.

So I’m thoroughly done with Live Search. Perhaps it works better in IE, but that is something I shall also never know.

Seemingly it’s all very simple. It is: (S+C) x (B+F)/T = V.

Where S is the shape, C is sphericity, B is muscular bounce, F is firmness, T is the skin texture / cellulite amount and V is the hip to waist ratio or symmetry. At least this is the method from Dr David Homes from Manchester Metropolitan University.

What you do is assess each factor on a scale of 1-20 and plug the results into the equation. The perfect score is seemingly 80. Now, I haven’t tried to use this yet, and it would seem to be adding too much subjectivity to do a reasonable assessment (um, or ass-essment, sorry!) from a photo. I think bounce, firmness and texture can only be accurately and precisely gauged by extended tactile means.

What bothers me about this most is that when I was studying the female bottom on an amateur basis while struggling at University to understand Stokes’ Law and it’s application in terms of Long Shore Drift, there were other people actually trying to research and understand the perfect bottom – professionally. Now that is a damn fine use of mathematics and a research grant. I am jealous.

Needless to say accuracy can only be ascertained with a very large sample population in this case.

Dr Holmes, if I were on the Nobel Prize committee I’d honor you – Peace Prize maybe?. Still, I’m sure your work is just rewards.