I know a great deal has been written about Jennifer’s behind already. It is my first time, and after seeing The Break Up recently I’m sure it won’t be the last.

For a woman in her late 30’s she is still incredibly hot. The oft used two peaches in a handkerchief does seem to adequately describe her nether regions. I wonder what her score would be using the Assquation. Very close to 80 I would assume, but only a close inspection would tell.

The Break Up incidently, is surprisingly good. I was expecting off the shelf light comedy full of the usual cliché, and instead got a thoughtful well written movie with very good performances and a lot of truth. It also adds a beautiful scene to the ass canon and lore, where Jennifer’s bare bottom can be seen slightly out of the depth of field of the camera (or his breath steamed up the lens). It is included below for your viewing pleasure, but the rest of the movie is pretty good too. Note also a nice VPL through those cute white shorts.

The Break Up VIDEO

Along Came Polly, Spanking VIDEO

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