I adore Elsiha’s ass, although I’m not a fan of 24. Well, to be precise I though the the premise for the first season – the concept of telling a story over 24 hour long episodes, was a novel and interesting idea. One, the was for the most part, well executed. Never did see Jack go to the bathroom though…. not that I wanted to admittedly.

The actual plotline was not for me. It only got more preposterous as the seasons went onward. Somewhere down the line this felt like the scary über-Republican aussie Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox and most other media) telling me what to think about how terrorists should be dealt with. Again, in case I have not mentioned this enough – I hate Fox.

In fact the only artistry I took from that show was Elisha’s darling little bottom. She’s starring in a soon to be released movie “Captivity”, where she is again kidnapped and tortured. It’s directed by the twice Oscar nominated Roland Joffé – certainly a great director, though I think we might assume that this movie is not going to be easy to watch.

I can only hope that Miss Cuthbert can be suitably attired to, you know, perhaps take our minds off of the more harrowing aspects of the movie..

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