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Enjoy it while you can. Seems she’s pregnant, so this cute curve will soon be long gone. It’ll be heading off in the same way that arch-rival Britney’s wide load went.

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While there is a danger of epileptic seizure from staring at this dress for too long. that amazing ass of Kylie’s makes it all worthwhile.

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So there you go. Paris is out of view and Britney’s body parts are making up for it. The good news is, at least she’s she’s not singing.

Seems that with her body in this position the cellulite is stretched taught giving her ass a smoother appearance than it has in reality. Or it could just be the resolution of the video, and if you were close enough to see her ass in this position you’d still see the marks.

Either way, as we have mentioned before, it is still one of the World’s more unattractive asses.

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I guess Britney has to hold the Paparazzi fort while Parisite is behind bars. So here’s her first contribution, a cheeky shot.

That wild look in her eye suggests she still not quite with us, and while we do recognize that she has lost quite a bit of weight, her ass is still pretty fat. And can everyone say “cellulite!”

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I mentioned her yesterday in passing. I went away feeling guilty that I hadn’t at least acknowledged her considerable contribution to feminine beauty before now.

So here it is. Still far far far too few pics of her from behind. I have though, you’ll be pleased to note I hope, not included any of the rather scary number of fan pics of her on the Internet. There’s a lot of folks out there with elf sex issues and fetishes.

She’s an odd choice for an elf really. Traditionally one imagines elves to be tall, fair and with gazelle-like slenderness – Nordic essentially. Liv isn’t. She’s more of the Earth goddess type if anything – dark, sensual curvy and voluptuous. She has more of a bouncy British bum than a svelte Scandinavian seat.

Which isn’t to say that she was miscast or somehow failed to convey ethereal magic on screen. She is quite an enchantress in whichever form she takes.

Of course I only vaguely know who she is. You know by now I’ve no knowledge of pop music.

I know she tried to be an actress and didn’t seem to cut it – hard to tell how good she was from the minuscule screen time she had on The Aviator.

I think out of principle, I object to the the idea of pop icon turned “actor” anyway. It take years of work to become a good actor, never mind a great one – and it seems unfair that a role should go to a flavor of the month rather than someone who’s worked hard. It rarely works out anyway – Britney was as bad on screen as she is on record (or any other medium). Sting? Anyone care to defend that?

There are two reasons why I try to avoid pop icons here. Firstly, as aforementioned, I sit here writing whilst listening to Avro Pärt’s 3rd Symphony. This, I know about – pop music not so much.

Secondly, and more importantly, the music industry is pure unfettered evil.

There’s no way that I, in however a small way, want to be responsible for giving those assholes any more money. It’s not just the Payola, nor the soul sucking contracts that screw over young bands, nor the blandness and inanity of most of the accountant defined products, nor is it their Ozymandian fascination with DRM (DRM is theft – pure and simple), nor is it the protection racket tactics of the RIAA and their disgusting lawsuits.

It is actually for reasons such as Sony BMG. The BMG part used to be Bertelsmann until a couple of years ago. This is a German music company that in the 30s and 40s used Jewish slaves and promoted Na.zi songs and music – undoubtedly directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths and suffering of a great many people. They lied and hid this from view, until they were found out in a buy-out in 2002.

These are the people who run much of the music business. That’s why I avoid it. My advice I guess is, buy music direct from the artist, or second hand if you must buy it at all.

Ok, rant over…

I don’t think Gwen’s and especially attractive woman from the front . However, from the rear I like what I see. Some of those pics are post partum too, so she did a great job of staying in shape. Those jeans and the black pants describe a perfect plumlike posterior.

I’ve shown you video of her before, but I thought it was time to give you some still pictures and another video to enjoy her magnificent French bottom in sharper clarity.

A true Corsican pop sensation with great moves and dressed to thrill. I’m always a fan of little black shorts.

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Some primitive peoples believe that having your picture taken steals part of your soul. Could this be true? I offer Lindsay and her friends as evidence that it might just be…

To be honest, I don’t actually have too much of a problem with Lindsay. If reports are true she needs to grow up, but she is actually able to act. (Paris on the other hand, has nothing to offer anyone).

I enjoyed Mean Girls as a movie, and also Prairie Home Companion. Neither were particularly taxing roles for her, but she did well nonetheless.

I confess I am also rather fond of her bottom. I’m always a sucker for good buttcrack, and Lindsay is kind enough to offer it frequently.

I think maybe she just needs a good spanking. I’d be happy to help her with that, and I’m much cheaper than rehab.

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I do like her bum. I do not like her “acting”. The stills below are from the movie “Copying Beethoven”. I hope you’ve not seen this movie.

I had high expectations of it. Bearing the excellent movie “Amadeus” in mind, director Agnieszka Holland studied with Milos Forman in Prague. I expected a masterpiece, especially as much as I dislike Mozart, I do love Beethoven.

However, Copying Beethoven is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Diane, of course, is as awful as usual. Ed Harris provides a great performance of a man who is as far unlike Beethoven from anything I’ve ever read about him (which is a great deal) – or as can be inferred from his music. Problem is… he’s supposed to be the composer and that’s not what was delivered – not his fault I think. The blame for that goes firmly to the writer and Ms Holland. The rest of the cast would be better left on the cutting room floor – they were simply cartoon characters.

The plot is preposterous, and is wholly untruthful in a wholly unbelievable way. It is extremely disrespectful to one of the greatest composers who ever lived. To make matters worse, the Orchestra performing the music is out of sync with the the score.

The one saving grace is captured below, a tiny brief flash of Diane’s bum.

Copying Beethoven is a nightmare, and a complete waste of good celluloid.

Please, avoid this movie at all costs.

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So both have been regarded by some as having the Perfect Ass, or maybe Perfect Culo. Vida, by FHM, and Keyra by Howard Stern among others.

Personally. I don’t care much for Vida – not sure I would even vote it a nice ass, never mind perfect. Keyra, it’s hard to tell. In some pics I’d say it was great, in some others not so much.

Overall Keyra for me is the better of the two, but both fall short of perfect. Wouldn’t even make Rear of the Week for me.