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It’s the little things that keep you going between seasons of your favorite show. With Heroes currently off air, these little pics, of this little bundle of trouble, clad only in these little pieces of cloth, should help you get through the summer.

They surely help us here at the Quest.

We are looking forward to many more great things from Hayden.

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Bad News Everyone! Seldom has so little talent conspired to make so much money. One of the greatest swindles of the 20th Century is reforming. The Spice Girls are cashing in again. Bimbo Spice, Chav Spice, Chubby Spice, Token-Black Spice and Dyke Spice are going to inflict themselves on us once more.

Normally we would only tell you not to buy any CD to ensure that the Record Industry (who are pure evil) make less money. However, in this case we’d also like to add that you should avoid paying for anything Spice related because they, quire simply, suck!

If they had no talent and were pretty we wouldn’t mind. However, they have no talent. And they are not pretty.

So yep, they will return, just as talentless, just as ugly, and several years older.

God help us all.

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Ironically, the leading lady in “The Notorious Betty Page” is not the star she perhaps should be. After Donnie Brasco, she should have fared better.

She’s pretty, talented, has nipples you can easily hang a coat on, and, of course, a lovely lovely bum.

You can see her next in what looks to be a very interesting movie “3.10 to Yuma”. It looks like it has a great cast. The Quest is looking forward to it, and the hope of a little Gretchen in the process.

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Hammer Horror is back. For those of you who don’t know, this is a British company that produced cheap camp horror movies throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Without this company Christopher Lee wouldn’t be famous.

Their movies were, in many ways, bad. Which is not to say that they were unwatchable. Think Shaw Brothers, think Tarantino.

What they did have, as you can see illustrated here, was a great deal of vulnerable young victims gratuitously naked. There was often a hint of lesbianism too.

The company died in the late 70s. However, it has now risen from the dead. The possible bad news is that is has been bought by Dutch “Big Brother” creator John de Mol.

This may mean überchav Jade Goody has the potential to be hired as a flesh eating creature of the night – presumably white meat only though. No make-up necessary.

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Good news everyone! The Parisite is in jail. The bad news is that’s she’s getting out again in 45 days.

Still maybe someone can smuggle in a camcorder – there’s a great deal of potential for another sex tape. An interesting one this time.

Nice ass, shame about every single other aspect of her existence.

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I adore Elsiha’s ass, although I’m not a fan of 24. Well, to be precise I though the the premise for the first season – the concept of telling a story over 24 hour long episodes, was a novel and interesting idea. One, the was for the most part, well executed. Never did see Jack go to the bathroom though…. not that I wanted to admittedly.

The actual plotline was not for me. It only got more preposterous as the seasons went onward. Somewhere down the line this felt like the scary über-Republican aussie Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox and most other media) telling me what to think about how terrorists should be dealt with. Again, in case I have not mentioned this enough – I hate Fox.

In fact the only artistry I took from that show was Elisha’s darling little bottom. She’s starring in a soon to be released movie “Captivity”, where she is again kidnapped and tortured. It’s directed by the twice Oscar nominated Roland Joffé – certainly a great director, though I think we might assume that this movie is not going to be easy to watch.

I can only hope that Miss Cuthbert can be suitably attired to, you know, perhaps take our minds off of the more harrowing aspects of the movie..

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Words here seem superficial. Well, other than, the re-ascendancy of Burlesque is no bad thing. Enjoy these Playboy shots of first class fetish fannies.

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These are stills from SherryBaby. Most of you won’t have got the chance to see it in the cinema, as it was limited release. It’s on DVD now so you have no excuse.

A truly excellent movie.

Looking at these stills, and with Grindhouse having come out recently, I’d like to take a moment to ponder how great it is to be Danny Trejo. He had fun with the “Machete” trailer I’m sure (and that needs to be Robert Rodriguez’s next movie).

Maggie most likely next seen in “The Dark Knight” replacing Katie Holmes. Now, if we could just get Katie Holmes to appear in an arthouse indie that involved a great deal of nudity. It’s only fair, you know I’m right.

Here you can see Danny having fun with one of the finest actresses and tushies in Hollywood.

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In the first of what is likely to be a lengthy series of tributes to Quentin Tarantino’s and Roberto Rodriguez’s double feature masterpiece, I present Rose McGowan.

I’m pretty certain I don’t need to sell you the benefits of going to see this feature. So far I’ve only seen the trailer and the making-of clips. I can’t wait to see the actual movies.

Not are they content with simply putting the fun back into cinema. Nor are they simply witty and stylish and full of the usual film buff references. Nor are they simply great action movies with cool car chases in cool cars. Nor are they simply gratuitously violent. Indeed, they seem to have assembled some of the finest ass in motion pictures.

And… I’m pretty sure we’re going to get a damn good look at it.

I admit I am a huge fan of both Quentin and Robert. I find the director’s (and writer’s, and editor’s, and cinematographer’s, and composer’s) commentary on Rodriguez’s films to be a better lesson in filmmaking than anyone could get at a bricks and mortar film school.

I just love his work and his whole approach to filmmaking. If you are in any way interested in making your own movie, you MUST read his book on the making of El Mariachi. Oh and Robert, thanks for Salma Hayek too!

So, let’s first take a look at Rose and her fine cheeks. More Grindhouse babes to follow in the coming days.

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I’ve made some updates to some of my previous posts on Jennifer. I’ve added some great screen caps from The Break Up and Along Came Polly. You can see that cute tushy spanked in those lovely soft red shorts.

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