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Many of you won’t have heard of April. She’s currently one member of an ensemble cast starring in a British soap drama called Skins – kind of a bargain basement homage to The O.C.

It’s not too likely that you’ll see much of this show if you live outside the UK, ‘fraid it’s not really international quality material so I doubt it’ll get sold much overseas. It does, however, have it’s likable elements. For a British show the production values are quite good, it’s nicely shot, has good production design, and the cast are attractive. The editing is off-the-shelf, but competent – would have been really nice to see some innovation there.

The young actors seem to lack experience, but do a pretty good job overall considering the main issues with the production. Namely, the direction and the script. The writing is really quite poor. The dialogue lacks authenticity or honesty, and the characters mere caricatures. It’s quite profoundly ill observed and researched. Most notably in a recent episode set in Russia. Clearly the writers had never been there, nor met any Russians. It presented no more than Soviet era cliché and stereotypes, which were in fact mythical propaganda even then – and are moreover wholly untrue today. Having spent a significant portion of my life behind the Iron Curtain, I was pretty appalled at how truly awful this episode was.

This aside, in there somewhere is a good concept. It does have its charm. I can only hope that like The Office, or Life on Mars it gets picked up by a US production company and is remade with a little more style and talent. The difference between a good show and a great one isn’t money, it’s creativity.

April Pearson, is however one to watch. Not only is she a very beautiful young woman with, as you can see, a delightful little bum, she’s also got some promise as an actress. With a little more experience, a bit of polishing, and hopefully the opportunity to work with better directors and writers, she stands a good chance of true stardom. Maybe one day, even Rear of the Year!

Lots more pics of April’s bottom can be found here:

April1 April2 April3 April4
April5 April6 April7 April8
April9 April10 April11
April12 April13 April14

Being pop culturally ignorant, I must again confess to not really knowing much about Miss Stone.

I understand she’s a British pop singer, thus I’d probably not need to know much more than that. The only other thing I need to know is how’s the view from backstage. Well, I’m envious of her stage crew. As you can see from these pics, she has the best seat in the house.