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No, these aren’t the pictures The Mirror had to apologize about. But I would think these are of more interest to those of us on The Quest.

It is a rare opportunity to have such a fine view a potential future Queen of the United Kingdom.

Filming was suspended in Queensland for Kate Hudson’s latest movie “Fool’s Gold” when a killer jellyfish appeared on the set.

Certainly wouldn’t want to see sting marks on such a nice bottom.

Never entirely understood why people want to live in Australia, seems pretty deadly to me.

Just in case my last post didn’t make the point. See! See how good it looks on TV?

Seriously, forget basketball…

Hard to believe, but fans of two Greek female volleyball teams clashed last night leaving one person dead. The pitched battle took place between fans of Olympiakos Piraeus and Panathinaikos.

It’s shocking that this behavior would bring the elegant Sport of Queens (or, in my dreams, of Queening), into disrepute.

I’m disgusted. This kind of thing hurts my campaign to have Ladies Volleyball become the most popular and televised sport on Earth.

Anyway, I don’t have any pictures of the actual brawl. Nor do I want to see any. But I though you might, you know, possibly… be interested in some hot sweaty athletic girls in tight shorts playing volleyball.

See… how good would a 24 hour girls volleyball channel be? TV executives, please make it happen!

Ok, I promised some pics of Tricia a few posts back and here they are. She has a marvellous posterior as these pictures show. Not sure I don’t prefer Grace Park’s though. I’d like to see Tricia in film or on TV outside of the role she has on Battlestar Galactica. Perhaps mainly because I don’t enjoy that show, but also to see what her range as an actress is. She is good at the psychopathic dominatrix but can she do comedy I wonder?

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