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The thought process went something like this: if supermodels are paid huge amounts of money for their beauty, then surely they have some of the most perfect bums on Earth.

Kate Moss seemed as good a subject to start with as any.

Was my logic sound? Not, convinced. Kate is a very beautiful woman. However, as with many models, she has that unreal quality which doesn’t allow you to get inside her head. Hard therefore, to see any personality to give the attraction.

Should that affect the perception of her bottom as perfect. In this case, I think it does – irrational as that may be. Taking the physicality alone she actually seems disproportionally generous in the hips – though in some of these pics it looks like that’s lens distortion and not actually her. Regardless, somehow the curve just isn’t inviting, although it’s not easy for me to really say why.

Judge for yourself, maybe it’s just me.