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Primeval is a new UK SciFi show. The concept and writing is a little silly, but it has a good cast, and is well shot and directed. Overall, it benefits from good production values; it will likely sell well overseas, expect to see it on your screens before long.

Of course what we are really interested in here is, are there any hot babes with nice bums? Oh yes, don’t worry, there are.

Hannah’s a good actress with a pretty face (not entirely sure about her quasi 80’s hair though). She ports a delectable diminutive derrière. A rare and precious gem in 21st Century Britain, where most women are supported by giant globes of gluteus maximus.

This wonderful scene depicted below was wholly gratuitous, didn’t even remotely establish character or advance the plot. However, I am eternally grateful to the writers, director and Miss Spearitt herself for this little pantied flash. Keep up the great work everyone!

If you like this, why not try April Pearson from Skins.